Citizen Self Service done right!

Streamlining citizen self services has never been easier. Serve citizens, businesses, contractors, developers, and city staff at the same time with one interactive platform that has been designed to serve well.

Driven from an effort from the Small Business Administration, White House, and National League of Cities, CivicServ has been built to fill the gaps in instant civic service and increase efficiencies across the board.

Improve the way your community identifies, understands, and applies for civic services

Get rid of those long lists of PDFs that cross reference codes, ordinances, and other processes and consolidate them into one seamless online self-service experience. With CivicServ, your city and staff will enjoy:

  •  An informative and complete checkout experience
  •  Complete & accurate self-service requests the first time
  •  Smart service detector that helps citizens find the applications they need, depending on their situation
  •  Transparent and repeatable government
See A Beautiful Solution

Service like never before

CivicServ combines GIS, Zoning, Ordinances, Process, and Information together into one experience better and more completely than any other product on the market. Your citizens and staff immediately become more educated and aware on how to apply for services for any department and any service offered by your city.

With CivicServ, your staff, citizens, and businesses will be:

  •  More informed
  •  More efficient
  •  More compliant
Learning More Is Painless

Automate & Track civic service request issuance effortlessly

With cross-departmental workflows, citizen-viewable status updates, and process transparency, your citizens and staff will enjoy complete civic service autonomy.

  •   There are no limits on staff member or civic accounts, no limits on the number of departments, or processes CivicServ can automate
  •   Codes, ordinances, and policies will be better understood as civic service requests are routed between deparments. This means less mistakes and higher accuracy.
  •  With CivicServ, repetitive and mundane tasks can be fully automated, leaving staff to focus on more important work
Progress Your City

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