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Citizen Access Portal

A 24/7 ePermitting Portal for Businesses, Contractors, Citizens

Our interactive Citizen Access Portal was built was for the contractors, citizens and business owners of your community to use to identify and apply for permits and licenses 24/7. The Citizen Access Portal has a Turbo Tax® experience and walks your customers through a question and answer process so that all necessary permits and licenses are identified for them, based on the specifics of their project or business objective. Once your customer's permits and licenses are identified for them, they can instantly apply for each in bulk with the click of a button. Building permits, business licenses, project plan review, Zoning/TIF/Enterprise/Historic districts are all identified and immediately considered when the customer applies for the permits or licenses. 

This Citizen Access Portal is completely customizeable and brandable to match your city’s identity and customer service needs. Also, our Citizen Access Portal goes beyond permitting and licensing and can serve them more completely in other areas as well. Economic development, incentives and programs your city has available for small or expanding businesses, and a central information hub are all out-of-the-box features that more completely serve your customer. 



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