CivicServ’s base feature set will drastically improve your community service horsepower. Here are a few of our customer’s favorite features...

Smart Service Detection

By answering a few basic questions, we automatically detect what services citizens and businesses need. Then CivicServ guides them through hundreds of different application processes using one easy-to-understand prompts.

PDF to Online Submittable Forms

We accept your PDFs applications and create online submittable forms to capture the necessary information. While we're at it, we auto-complete all of the PDFs on behalf of the applicant, saving time and reducing mistakes.


We can capture as many electronic signatures as your civic service processes require. Applicants can swipe or type their name and we will place it on the signature lines for them.

User Validation

It is very important to collect properly-formatted and complete applications so that your city can process them correctly. We have guardrails to ensure the applications are completed correctly upon first submission.

File Uploads

We collect and house all of your necessary customer documents in a single, scalable platform.

Code of Ordinances Integration

We house and associate ordinances to all business activities, permits, licenses, zones, business types and more. Your citizens and staff members will immediately see what the law states, how it applies, and be more informed.

ESRI / ArcGIS Integration

We have first-class GIS integration. From interactive maps, jurisdictional boundaries, parcel data, legal descriptions, we can do anything with GIS. We also offer cities a free Address & Parcel Data lookup tool that is easier to use than standard GIS tools.

Cross-Department Workflows

Enjoy automatic civic service request routing as it was always meant to be. Bring easy or complex routing/approval requirements and CivicServ takes it from there to ensure compliance and consistency.

Guided Tour & Decision Tree

Citizens need direction through the regulatory and civic service options. With our guided tour and decision tree feature, citizens and staff will be more thorough and complete in identifying, and paying for, their needs.


City/County/Regional support is available. Collaboration between these governing bodies & ESOs means more complete service, less confusion, and more functional than ever before.

Fee Calculator

CivicServ easily supports flat rate or value-based fee calculations. We have a formula builder that allows for easy editing and testing to ensure that the final calculations match the desired outcome. We can also collect payments on your behalf.

Third-party Integrations

We can easily integrate with over 500 top-tier providers. Microsoft, Office 365, Sharepoint, accounting systems, excel, GIS, are just a few examples. Bring the systems you already use and we will ensure that information flows between them seamlessly.


The base product can easily adapt to solve any set of unique challenges. If your city has rigid processes to automate, unique criteria to consider, we can accommodate. 

Full Website

This entire solution features a full CMS to power your entire city's website. Events, department sub-sites, rich media, it all fits together seamlessly to be a true CivicServ platform.

Document Management

Your community’s required documents need to be archived and stored for compliance and audit purposes. CivicServ offers an intuitive platform to secure store and reference key documentation.


CivicServ has a first-class collaboration tool built into the administration area to allow for direct conversations between the applicant and city staff. This is transparency at it's finest!

Map Sketch

Sometimes your citizens just want to illustrate their intentions. CivicServ has a first-ever Map Sketch tool to allow applicants to draw over the top of GIS maps to show a desired room addition location, shed location, pool location, fence boundary, etc. 

Zoning / Land Use

Conditional / Prohibited / Special Use scenarios are easily digested and applied as policy in CivicServ. Working with GIS or a copy of your land use laws, we can capture, inform, and automate all users of CivicServ in a moment's notice. 

CivicServ Extensibility & Customization

Not seeing a feature you need or have doubts about whether this solution can work in your city? 
We understand the aprehension. IT has been difficult historically. We are different.
Give us a call and let's discuss how CivicServ could help your EDO with your digital transformation.

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