Data Center Security

Powered by the most secure data centers in the world, CivicServ brings the most prestigious security compliance certifications available.

Get up and running with peace of mind and our secure cloud platform.

Application Security

Sitting on top of the most secure data centers in the world is an end-to-end secure application to ensure the right level of protections to operate your programs safely. To ensure the highest standards, we:

Partition Access

Our data access is granted with those that need to know. With precise role-based access that recognizes City staff and general public website traffic automatically, we safeguard & protect data to ensure proper handling of your community's data.

Encrypt & Monitor Data

Not only should data be encrypted in transit between the end user and our secure data centers, but data should be encrypted while it sits in our datastores too. This hightened level of security and careful security architecture adds yet another layer of protection you can trust.

Detect & Prevent Threats

Our Artificial Intelligence Web Application Firewalls features advanced threat detection in real time. When bad actors attempt unauthorized access to our secure web portal, we can capture, evade, and block these threats automatically while normal usage is still permitted.

Organizations & Cities who have contributed to the CivicServ project